The organizers of the forum are guided by a common vision:

To promote and adopt the very best standards of sustainability and constantly seeks to improve business practices to the benefit of the environment, the work force and society as a whole.

Therefore, the European Outdoor Forum is engaged in a sustainable event management program together with its partners.




  • Emissions of greenhouse gases, such as CO2, are minimised.
  • Natural resource consumption (including water and energy) is minimised and demand is adapted to available local resources.
  • Waste generation is avoided where possible and remaining waste is reused and/or recycled, biodiversity, water, air and soil resources are protected
  • Minimal environmental damage is caused while preparing and implementing the forum, the local community benefits economically, socially and environmentally both during and after the event.
  • The selection of the venue and transportation are considered as a really important parameter in order to minimize Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the accessibility for people of reduced mobility.
  • An excellent customer experience is delivered
  • The awareness of participants, staff service providers and the local community in sustainability issues is increased, with the greening aims and measures communicated clearly to all.
  • Local hosts, regional and national authorities, sponsors, citizens groups, NGOs, business and technical experts are involved to the extent possible in order to comply with and support the above - stated commitments.


The plan of actions applies to:

  • the Forum organization
  • the opening dinner
  • the conferences
  • the lunches and dinner



The actions will be organized as follow :




“If you don’t know where to start. Plant a tree. Only an optimistic person is able to do that “. Yvon Chouinard

The first European Outdoor Forum has undertaken a sustainable event management program in order to reduce its environmental footprint and take on its CSR responsibilities. The program was run by AZIMUT, an eco-innovation agency based in Annecy.

Below is a summary of the actions taken:



These actions are a first step. The organizers will seek to improve each year. As this is collaborative work we will send a small e-questionnaire to participants after the forum in order to better evaluate its environmental impact and do provide better in the future.

At the end of the forum, each participant received a sustainable conference gift: a tree!




Actions and initiatives managed by AZIMUT

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