Pierre Jarniat

PEAK Development Manager and Consulting partner at Thesame

Tuesday, October 12th - 2.30 - 3.30pm: SEMINAR #3

Topic: Collaborative Innovation: A New Way of Thinking.



There’s a huge and untapped resource of innovation and economic efficiency available to the outdoor industry.

Usually a company’s main focus is to maximise its returns. Their internal resources will be geared in this direction, with operations externally managed by a global international network of suppliers, subcontractors and vendors. The model is all about streamline the efficiency of the business, with each separate unit trying to improve its own internal efficiency.

But what efforts are being made to make sure there is efficiency in external relationships?

Companies that can instil a climate of confidence with suppliers in each step of the relationship can reap huge economic benefits. It isn’t easy to achieve, but Pierre’s presentation will focus on ways that businesses can develop this new approach to innovation.



Pierre Jarniat is not an academic or a consultant expert, but a practitioner. Most of his career has been spent purchasing and sourcing management, especially in the outdoor trade (at companies such as Camping-Gaz, and Millet). For the last 15 years, Pierre has worked as Purchasing Director of Salomon, during which he managed the development of a global international sourcing network in Eastern Europe (Romania) and Asia (China).

At each of these companies, Pierre was involved in every aspect of innovation, from purchasing and sourcing, to supply chain management, new product development and human resources management. This varied experience gave Pierre the foundation to develop new concepts in innovation.

At the age of 59, Pierre headed in a new professional direction in order to share and pass on his vision of a new way of purchasing by joining THESAME, a French Association that focuses on management innovations. Pierre also founded and is the Development Manager of PEAK (Purchasing European Alliance for Knowledge), a platform of studies and research into purchasing, oriented towards customer/supplier collaborative approaches in industrial networks. PEAK combines 13 academic partners with 20 international companies (including Salomon, Danone, Sanofi-Pasteur, Legrand, Somfy, Bio-Mérieux and Tefal), all working together to develop a ‘new school’ of purchasing.



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Conference Presentations

  • HEC Genève / STRATEGIC PURCHASING Annual Conference (2010 June) « Les ressources insoupçonnées des démarches collaboratives clients/fournisseurs»
  • Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne / Purchasing Conference (2010 May) « Comment améliorer les relations clients/fournisseurs dans les Entreprises en réseau »
  • CROP & Co / Annual Conference (2010 March) « Open Innovation and Co design, a new way for efficiency?
  • MACS 2009 / Annual meeting Polytech /CNRS (2009 Oct) « Co-design tools, PRAXIS project »
  • IMRI / Ecole des Mines/ Polytechnique / Rencontres Annuelles de CARGESE (2008 May) « Stratégie d’innovation et intégration des fournisseurs : le cas SALOMON»


  • Purchasing National Awards “Trophées DECISION Achats” (2009 April) « Trophée national pour JARNIAT Conseil et THESAME dans la catégorie Innovation Achats”
Sport marketing is a recent science: the first American handbooks were published in the 80’s. Since then the field has developed with both academics and practitioners working to push frontiers with the continual development of innovative  concepts.  Developments over the last decade include: Ambush marketing which can drastically reduce  the value of your event sponsorship, CRM which gives you the opportunity to create a community, such as the surfwear industry (Quiksilver, Rip Curl…) has built,  experiential marketing in flagship stores, where the consumer is not there to buy, he is there to “live an experience” thanks to the brand eg closer to a Starbucks strategy then traditional retail and Co-branding between a sport brand and a non-sport brand which attracts new consumers to your brand and gives value to your products, such as the partnership between Apple and Nike.

But we are now at a crossroads as much of the the marketing landscape, such as media distribution, is rapidly changing as the massive growth of the internet alters rules and values.New ideas are sweeping away many traditional marketing strategies and brands will need to keep their fingers close to the pulse to stay ahead of the pack. Michel will look at how the various categories of sports marketing have developed, where they are now and their relative importance and what will be key to successful marketing over the next decade.

Michel Desbordes is 40 years old. He was born in Strasbourg (France) on November 21st 1969. His father was born in the Alps and therefore Michel has been an outdoor sports fan from an early age enjoying cycling, climbing, hiking and skiing. This influenced him to mix sport and an academic career. After finishing his B.A. Management Sciences, with High Honors at the University of Paris IX-Dauphine, Michel went onto to study a Ph.D. in Management Sciences, which he passed with High Honors at the University Louis Pasteur, Starsbourg (France) and then completed a Habilitation, Management Sciences, with High Honors, at University of Paris-Assas Panthéon-Sorbonne, France.

Since entering academia in 1994 Desbordes has held a number of positions firstly as a Lecturer at the Louis Pasteur University Strasbourg (France) from 1994-1998, and then as a Associate professor, Paris Sud-11 University (France) from 1999-2005 before becoming Full Professor at the Marc Bloch University, Strasbourg (France) in 2005. Michel is a specialist in sport marketing (sponsorship, management of sport events, public policies and sport, methodology and surveys) and is currently both an academic and consultant.  Michelle holds professorships at both the University of Ottawa (Canada) as a auxiliary professor and as a Full Professor at the University of Paris South 11, Paris (France) and he is also the Editor of the International Journal of Sport Marketing and Sponsorship www.imrpublications.com/SM/IJSM/board.html   

Additionally he has lectured as an invited professor at Corvinus University (Hungary), Moscow State Institute of International Relations (Russia), EVTEK Institute of Technology (Helsinki, Finland), invited professor at the University of San Sebastian (Spain) and UIBE (University of International Business and Economics in Beijing (China)