qodc20180619-87-0 Peaceful Parenting Wisdom... 2018-06-19T00:01:00Z http://www.tenmillionclicksforpeace.org/facebook/images/Facebook10millionclicksforpeaceicon.gif qodi20180619-87-1 2018-06-19T00:00:00Z Peaceful Parenting Wisdom... 10 Million Clicks For Peace facebook@tenmillionclicksforpeace.org <highlightable>"If there's one thing I've learned as a parent it's that you never stop being one. The only thing that changes over time is the nature of the worries." Rick Beneteau, co-founder 10 Million Clicks For Peace <a href="http://www.tenmillionclicksforpeace.org/fba.asp?rfbid=0&o=quotation">[Want quotes for your Wall? Click here or title.]</a> <br><br></highlightable>