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Products By Mail Up To Once-A-Month!

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Members helping feed and shelter at least 3 refugees per month (by donating a total of $15/month, or more), or who donate a substantial one-time donation are automatically enrolled in our Peace Rewards™ program. As a participant, you'll receive valuable, inspirational products by mail that help you create personal peace and happiness. Included are: books, CD's, DVD's, Inspirational Posters, Pass Along Peace Cards, and other items.

Peace Rewards™ products will often be from best-selling authors and world-renowned speakers who offer positive messages and instructions for creating personal peace and happiness.

Two Ways To Participate
There are two ways to receive this life-building "course" that will help both you and your family create greater personal happiness and harmony.

One-time donation program is right for you if you would like to give a large sum just once, rather than monthly. Click here to see the current Peace Rewards associated with one-time donations.

Monthly donation program is a fun way to participate because you can get an inspiring surprise package in the mail up to once a month with practical tools for building a better life. (See example products) All members giving 3 refugees food and shelter for one day that month (i.e. $15/month) are eligible. Every refugee helped is worth 5 points, and when you reach 35 points, a Peace Reward package is automatically mailed to you. The good news is that it's not just your points that count.

You also get points for the donations made by the people you invite. It's really easy...just take the simple action steps we suggest on your Peace Impact Meter and in your Messages of Peace eCourse. You'll be accumulating 35 points per month in almost no time. The key is to get your peace-minded friends involved, and they'll get their friends involved, and so on.

Here's how points are credited...

Personal Points: 1 point is awarded for every dollar you donate yourself (e.g. $5.00 = 5 points). When 35 points are accumulated in any calendar month a physical gift will be sent the following month.

Downstream Points: Points are also awarded for every dollar donated by the "downstream" members you invited, or caused to be invited. That means, you might invite 3 friends, and each of them invite other friends, and so on. Since you started the chain-reaction of new peace members, you get points for the donations all of them matter how far downstream they are from you. Here's how those points are credited:

Your personal donations = 1 point/$
  • 1st-level downstream donations = .5 points/$ (these are the friends you invite)
  • 2nd-level downstream donations = .25 points/$ (these are your friends' friends)
  • 3rd-level downstream donations = .125 points/$ (these are your friends' friends' friends)
In general, points are computed at half the previous level's point value for each $ donated.

If you don't accumulate 35 points in a month, don't worry. Your points are carried forward to the next month, until your cumulative score is at least 35 points. At that point, the applicable reward is mailed, your score is reset to zero, and another 35 points have to accumulate to receive your next Peace Reward.

To offset the shipping and handling associated with your Peace Rewards™ shipment, we encourage you to offer an extra $5.00/month. Please give what you can, but a $20/month minimum donation is encouraged.

Note: Peace Rewards vary from month to month and may be substituted based upon available stock. Posters of Peace will be chosen by us. Rewards are never sent more than once every 30 days for a given member. For those who meet or exceed 35 points/month, a Peace Reward is guaranteed every month. There is an optional opt-out mechanism if you want to donate monthly, without receiving Peace Rewards, but we encourage you to accept the Peace Rewards and pass them along to friends so they can spread peace even farther.

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