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Happiness: The Highest Gift
By Julian Kalmar, Founder, 10 Million Clicks For Peace

This 4-CD audio program is the definitive work on happiness actions --the mental and physical actions that naturally and automatically produce feelings of well-being.

Intended for adults 16 and over, its life-giving power is well-invested in young people who can save years of struggling.

The program teaches how to avoid many of lifeís pitfalls like time and financial pressure, anger, fear, etc. It also shows how to:

  - Find hope in all circumstances
  - Use the power of belief to inspire positive action
  - Create life-changing opportunities
  - Use stress as a predictive tool for improving your life
  - Create and live in harmony
  - Focus to achieve one success after another
  - Master the use of thought in over a dozen ways
  - Live contented and peacefully by reading the clues
  - Convert your work into a source of deep satisfaction
  - Find the higher purpose and meaning in your activities

There are so many invaluable life-skills in these CDís itís impossible to list them all in this small space.


A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please!
By Rick Beneteau, Co-Founder
10 Million Clicks For Peace

This book will make you laugh and make you cry - sometimes at the same time. Both inspiring and touching, "Slice" will make you think and ultimately act to make a difference in your own life and the lives of others.

This book is also "interactive" and when you pass it along after you're done reading it you can trace it's journey all over the world!

Check out what 2 personal growth experts featured in "The Secret" had to say:

"If you liked any of the Chicken Soup for the Soul stories, you'll LOVE A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please!"
--John Assaraf, Best-Selling Author

"Moving stories that awaken the heart and urge you to love, live, and laugh--to enjoy and relish each moment of your life."
--Dr. Joe Vitale Best-Selling Author





Happy 4 Life
By Prof. Bob Nozik, M.D.

I really like this book. Prof. Nozikís understanding of happiness shines through using his very clear and friendly way of writing. He covers so many of the happiness traps plaguing humanity. (Soft cover)

Easy to read, Happy 4 Life is filled with examples showing how we can apply happiness methods to situations we encounter daily. Prof. Nozik repeatedly shows us that happiness is indeed a path we can choose by the careful decisions we make.

Importantly, Happy 4 Life contains exercises for practicing happiness techniques. Particularly, there are exercises for improving: awareness and attention, self-love/like, self-esteem, appreciation, gratitude, acceptance, responsible adulthood, non-judgment, "Pollyannaís" game, handling mistakes, individuality, perfection, and living in the present moment.

In addition to Prof. Nozikís 12 keys for unlocking happiness, thereís an entire section devoted to dealing with change, something most of us find difficult.

This is a great read with lots of very practical advice for daily living.

"I canít imagine anyone reading this book and not becoming happier. Itís wise, practical and fun. I love it and you will too."
--Richard Carlson, Author
Donít Sweat the Small Stuff




Food for Thought
By Lionel Ketchian

Highly acclaimed by such greats as cancer surgeon Dr. Bernie Siegel (whose endorsement is right on the can), Rev. Norman Vincent Peale, Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D., Ken Keyes, and many others.

This little book might trick you into thinking itís a novelty item because itís packaged in a can. Donít be fooled! Lionel Ketchianís insightful quotations come from all his years of happiness study, coaching, and life-wisdom.

As a happiness instructor, he taught one of the first university courses on happiness, at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. After the course, his students didnít want to stop their weekly happiness meetings and they pleaded with him to continue. So Lionel created The Happiness Club, which is now sprouting chapters across the United States and Canada. Lionel also co-hosted Successful Living, a weekly call-in radio program, interviewing many of the important figures of self-help and happiness.

"Food for Thought is an innovative way of getting over an important and serious message."
--Rev. Norman Vincent Peale


Thank You!
By Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

Perhaps the worldís foremost authority on happiness, Zelig Pliskin--author of 20 books--shares his secrets of living happily through the power of gratitude. (Soft cover)

Parents teach young children that "Please" and "Thank you" are "magic words," yet as we grow older we forget this lesson. Few of us realize that cultivating a genuine sense of gratitude will impact on our happiness, our marriage, even on our sense of self-worth. Being ungrateful for the many blessings in our lives distances us from our Creator and spoils our relationships with other people.

You would think that it would be easy to master gratitude - you simply have to decide to be grateful for all the good in your life. But it doesn't work that way! Developing gratitude as a mindset requires a deeper understanding of this challenge and we need an expert guide to help us along.

With his classic good humor and rich insights, Rabbi Zelig Pliskin wrote this handbook to help you achieve your goal. In his words: "After reading this book, you will notice positive things that you hadn't noticed before. You will be more aware of the good that others do for you. You will find your level of happiness increasing. Your love for the Creator will increase."

What's more - you will know how to teach your children to express gratitude and experience a serenity you've never felt before. You will want to sit right down and write a note to Rabbi Pliskin saying, "Your uplifting book changed my life. Thank you!"

"Itís a good thing I didnít know about Zelig Pliskinís work on happiness when I first started writing. I would have burned my paper and pens and started reading his 20 books."
--Julian Kalmar, Founder
The Happiness Campaign™
10 Million Clicks For Peace™


Conversations with Bernie: Health and Happiness
With Dr. Bernie Siegel and Lionel Ketchian

Two video interviews of Dr. Bernie Siegel on the topics of health and happiness by the founder of Happiness Club, Lionel Ketchian. (DVD)

Itís easy to be happy in good times, but if you want to learn to be happy all the time, youíve got to know what to do when things get rough. What Dr. Bernie Siegel has discovered is that soldiers, alcoholics, cancer and concentration camp survivors, all share a common set of insights. As he points out, if all these people have come to the same conclusions, then what they know about happiness is true. Learn these happiness skills and youíll be able to find happiness even in the worst of times. Youíll suffer far less stress and find greater meaning in all your activities.

Conversations with Bernie is filled with life-lessons from great authors, Zen philosophy, Bernieís cancer patients, and his own family. He shares methods for creating meaning and teaches insightful ways of looking at things when difficulty strikes.

As aired on the Connecticut public television station CPTV.


Unstoppable Journey Perpetual Calendar
By Brian Biro

This perpetual calendar offers daily reminders of how to live a happy and meaningful life by focusing on what really matters. Written and compiled by Fortune 500 speaker and motivational coach Brian Biro.

This calendar contains inspirational thoughts and guiding principles to direct your journey toward a JOYFUL, UNSTOPPABLE SPIRIT.

This is a perpetual calendar that can be used year after year. It is marked only with dates and no specific days of the week.

Brianís message gets you connected with whatís really important in life: Happiness, joy, and living with heart.

"Thereís no better way to happiness than constantly being reminded of the right path, right thoughts, and right ways."

--Julian Kalmar, Founder
The Happiness Campaign™
10 Million Clicks For Peace™

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