Dear Member,

In the many years we've operated 10 Million Clicks For Peace, we've come to know many of you personally and have been inspired by you. Thank you for your inspiration, cameraderie, and support in working to improve the world.

We are well aware that the situation in the world seems to have gotten worse in many respects and while our original vision remains intact, we feel a new and better approach is required. What that approach is, we do not yet know, so we are in rethink mode.

While we reconsider, we encourage you to continue to act in positive ways to improve your corner of the world in any way you can.

We leave you with one simple, yet powerful idea that we hope you will employ...

Whenever someone acts unkindly, rudely, or unjustly towards you, perform 2 acts of kindness in the world. Then spread this idea far and wide through every channel.

Be well, stay safe and always act in peace and with love,

Rick Beneteau & Julian Kalmar
Founders, 10 Million Clicks For Peace